Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spiritual Chains

Football is a game of inches. How many times do we see the referee holding up his fingers to show the coach your team is an inch short of making the first down? The object in football is to "move the chains" inch by inch, yard by yard advancing the football down the field. The great teams do this well. You can't rely on the big plays to win a championship...championships require consistency at "moving the chains".

One of the many ideas of Chanukah is to move our spiritual chains ascending each and every day throughout the year. During the eight days of Chanukah the head of the household lights the menorah adding a candle from the previous day never being content with the light from the day before. With our spiritual growth we should never take great strides and go for the big play, we should look to move inch by inch, yard by yard, always adding from the day before. Another idea of Chanukah is not only to illuminate our homes with light, we should also look to light up the outside as well. By doing this, each and every one of us participates in warming up both ourselves but the world around us. Chag Chanukah S'meach!