Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Same guy, different hat and more Jewish - How do you know when it's time to change?
Why do some people change? Why did the doctor, CPA, Sports Agent, Lawyer and Pro Football player make a transformational life change to become Torah Observant? Shlomo details his 3 point-plan that serves as the play book to score big; no matter how challenging the formation or how long the odds to make the change, get out of the old and into the new. Hilarious Entertaining and Non-Threatening

Other talks available:
My Teshuvah Journey: Steps to Self-Discovery in Size 14 shoes - Shared with hundreds of audiences around the world the story of how Shlomo became aware after retiring from professional football that his lifestyle was more style than life. In this very personal presentation, Shlomo shares the steps that have led to his own spiritual journey where he has found a deepening sense of contentment and a renewed sense of purpose.

In Overdrive at OverTime-Consistently Doing More Than What's Expected
Excellence begins with doing more than what's expected more than what the terms of the contract specify. The NFL is not for the faint -hearted, you must do more be over-the-top crazy, hyper-intense, super-focused and totally dedicated. Doing more than the minimum; never focusing on the language in the contact or strict construction of the suggested workout. It's all about doing more-run more, lift more, and study more. In Overdrive at OverTime Shlomo relates the discipline of being a professional athlete who became a leader of high-performance sales teams - and then an observant Jew.

Alan's Upcoming Events:
May 26 Yeshiva Torah Ohr - North Miami Beach, FL
May 27 & 28 NCSY Central East Regional Shabbaton/Convention - Detroit, MI
June 1 - Torah Academy - Jacksonville, FL
June 5 Chabad of Plano, TX

About the speaker Alan Veingrad
Alan Veingrad, the transformational speaker, had a seven-year career as an offensive lineman in the NFL, first with the Green Bay Packers and then the Dallas Cowboys, with whom he won Super Bowl XXVII. He has been the subject of features on NBC, NPR, JM in the AM, and the Jewish Channel; and in the NY Times, NY Post, Dallas Morning News, and the Miami Herald. In May 2010, Alan was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and invited to the White House to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month. He speaks to businesses, colleges, universities and religious audiences around the world, bringing his inspirational messages of transformation, excellence, leadership, team play, and spiritual connection. For more information about hearing his uniquely entertaining and valuable perspective, please visit For Inquiries and bookings, contact or 954 205 6369.

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