Tuesday, November 29, 2011

International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim and the Lay Leadership Conference

What an experience! I spent the weekend in Brooklyn (Crown Heights), NY with 4,000 Chabad Rabbis. With that size crowd it reminded me of my playing days. Chabad Rabbis are offensive lineman in disguise. The greatest pushers in the world, better the NFL Lineman. That’s what NFL Lineman do, push another man against his will-back, to the side and not get pushed back themselves. Really! I have never been with such a positive group of people all striving to help people, push people to be their greatest and help them uncover there Jewish identities in a non-judgmental meaningful way. I had one of the greatest pleasures as a speaker, I was asked to share my own journey in front of such a esteemed group, the Rabbis and Lay Leaders of Chabad who are the financial supporters assisting Rabbis in communities all over the world. What a group, with various back grounds who have been inspired by these Rabbis to grow, change and make a positive difference in this world. To see some of what I experienced go to www.chabad.org/kinus. Watch the video of the Key Note speech from Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks How the Lubavitcher Rebbe Changed My Life. Monumental! I could totally relate, however I never met the Rebbe but his teachings changed my life. What a coach!

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